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Veröffentlichungen des IPC im Jahr 2003


AG Heintzmann
AG Popp
AG Deckert
AG Dietzek
AG Gräfe
AG Turchanin

Veröffentlichungen des IPC im Jahr 2003

Referierte Publikationen

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Bücher und Buchkapitel

10.Volker Deckert,
Near-field imaging in biological and biomedical applications.
in: The Biomedical Photonics Handbook, Vo-Dinh (Ed.), CRC Press, 12/1-12/19 (2003).


6.Wolfgang Kiefer, Juergen Popp, Ralph Gessner und Petra Roesch,
Method and modular device for Raman- and SER- spectroscopic measurements of biological and chemical samples using a glass fiber probe with metal-coated tip.
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Means and methods for detection of binding of members of specific binding pairs.
Patent, US20020215789 20020809 (2003).

Sonstige Publikationen

54.M. A. Strehle, M. Gerunda, V. Deckert, A. Hauck, R. Thull und J. Popp,
Fibrinogen adsorption on implant materials - investigation of the spatial distribution.
Asian Chemistry Letters, 7(4), 221-228 (2003).
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Bioaerosols by optical spectroscopy.
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