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Veröffentlichungen des IPC im Jahr 2004


AG Heintzmann
AG Popp
AG Deckert
AG Dietzek
AG Gräfe
AG Turchanin

Veröffentlichungen des IPC im Jahr 2004

Referierte Publikationen

322.M. A. Strehle, P. Roesch, R. Petry, A. Hauck, R. Thull, W. Kiefer und J. Popp,
A Raman spectroscopic study of the adsorption of fibronectin and fibrinogen on titanium dioxide nanoparticles.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 6(22), 5232-5236 (2004).
321.A. S. Grabtchikov, V. A. Lisinetskii, V. A. Orlovich, M. Schmitt, R. Maksimenka und W. Kiefer,
Multimode pumped continuous-wave solid-state Raman laser.
Optics Letters, 29(21), 2524-2526 (2004).
320.Tanja Schirmeister, Alexander Breuning, Alexander Murso, Dietmar Stalke, Milena Mladenovic, Bernd Engels, Adriana Szeghalmi, Michael Schmitt, Wolfgang Kiefer und Juergen Popp,
Conformation and Hydrogen Bonding Properties of an Aziridinyl Peptide: X-ray Structure Analysis, Raman Spectroscopy and Theoretical Investigations.
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 108(51), 11398-11408 (2004).
319.Robert Kretschmer und Wolfgang Fritzsche,
Pearl Chain Formation of Nanoparticles in Microelectrode Gaps by Dielectrophoresis.
Langmuir, 20(26), 11797-11801 (2004).
318.Wlodzimierz Masierak, Thomas Emmler, Egbert Gedat, Andreas Schreiber, Gerhard H. Findenegg und Gerd Buntkowsky,
Microcrystallization of Benzene-d6 in Mesoporous Silica Revealed by 2H Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.
Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 108(49), 18890-18896 (2004).
317.R. Gessner, P. Roesch, R. Petry, M. Schmitt, M. A. Strehle, W. Kiefer und J. Popp,
The application of a SERS fiber probe for the investigation of sensitive biological samples.
Analyst, 129(12), 1193-1199 (2004).
316.Bob Gruenberg, Thomas Emmler, Egbert Gedat, Ilja Shenderovich, Gerhard H. Findenegg, Hans-Heinrich Limbach und Gerd Buntkowsky,
Hydrogen bonding of water confined in mesoporous silica MCM-41 and SBA-15 studied by 1H solid-state NMR.
Chemistry - A European Journal, 10(22), 5689-5696 (2004).
315.M. Baia, L. Baia, W. Kiefer und J. Popp,
Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering and Density Functional Theoretical Study of Anthranil Adsorbed on Colloidal Silver Particles.
Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 108(45), 17491-17496 (2004).
314.Leticia González,
Quantum control of reactions with few-cycle infrared and ultraviolet laser pulses.
THEOCHEM, 709(1-3), 207-213 (2004).
313.H. E. Grecco, K. A. Lidke, R. Heintzmann, D. S. Lidke, C. Spagnuolo, O. E. Martinez, E. A. Jares-Erijman und T. M. Jovin,
Ensemble and single particle photophysical properties (two-photon excitation, anisotropy, FRET, lifetime, spectral conversion) of commercial quantum dots in solution and in live cells.
Microscopy Research and Technique, 65(4/5), 169-179 (2004).
312.Stefanie Gräfe, Philipp Marquetand, Volker Engel, Niels E. Henriksen und Klaus B. Moller,
Quantum control fields from instantaneous dynamics.
Chem. Phys. Lett., 398(1-3), 180 - 185 (2004).
311.B. Dietzek, R. Maksimenka, T. Siebert, E. Birckner, W. Kiefer, J. Popp, G. Hermann und M. Schmitt,
Excited-state processes in protochlorophyllide a - a femtosecond time-resolved absorption study.
Chemical Physics Letters, 397(1-3), 110-115 (2004).
310.Sven Macholl, Frank Boerner und Gerd Buntkowsky,
Revealing the configuration and crystal packing of organic compounds by solid-state NMR spectroscopy: Methoxycarbonylurea, a case study.
Chemistry - A European Journal, 10(19), 4808-4816 (2004).
309.T. Frosch, B. Kuestner, S. Schluecker, A. Szeghalmi, M. Schmitt, W. Kiefer und J. Popp,
In vitro polarization-resolved resonance Raman studies of the interaction of hematin with the antimalarial drug chloroquine.
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 35(10), 819-821 (2004).
308.Malgorzata Baranska, Hartwig Schulz, Petra Roesch, Marion A. Strehle und Juergen Popp,
Identification of secondary metabolites in medicinal and spice plants by NIR-FT-Raman microspectroscopic mapping.
Analyst, 129(10), 926-930 (2004).
307.M. Erdmann, S. Baumann, Stefanie Gräfe und Volker Engel,
Electronic predissociation: a model study.
Eur. J. Phys. D, 30(3), 327 - 333 (2004).
306.Benjamin Dietzek, Raman Maksimenka, Gudrun Hermann, Wolfgang Kiefer, Juergen Popp und Michael Schmitt,
The excited-state dynamics of phycocyanobilin in dependence on the excitation wavelength.
ChemPhysChem, 5(8), 1171-1177 (2004).
305.R. Gessner, C. Winter, P. Roesch, M. Schmitt, R. Petry, W. Kiefer, M. Lankers und J. Popp,
Identification of biotic and abiotic particles by using a combination of optical tweezers and in situ Raman spectroscopy.
ChemPhysChem, 5(8), 1159-1170 (2004).
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A simple method for the characterization of OHO-hydrogen bonds by 1H-solid state NMR spectroscopy.
Journal of Molecular Structure, 700(1-3), 29-38 (2004).
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Breaking the strong and weak bonds of OHF- using few-cycle IR + UV laser pulses.
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Sequential Pump-Dump Control of Photoisomerization Competing with Photodissociation of Optical Isomers.
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 108(31), 6455-6463 (2004).
301.Nina Schaffert, Markus Hossbach, Rainer Heintzmann, Tilmann Achsel und Reinhard Luehrmann,
RNAi knockdown of hPrp31 leads to an accumulation of U4/U6 di-snRNPs in Cajal bodies.
EMBO Journal, 23(15), 3000-3009 (2004).
300.L. Baia, M. Bolboaca, W. Kiefer, E. S. Yousef, C. Ruessel, F. W. Breitbarth, T. G. Mayerhoefer und J. Popp,
Spectroscopic studies on the structure of vanadium tellurite glasses.
Physics and Chemistry of Glasses, 45(3), 178-182 (2004).
299.Stefanie Gräfe, Daniel Scheidel, Volker Engel, Niels E. Henriksen und Klaus B. Moller,
Approaches to wave-packet imaging using femtosecond ionization spectroscopy.
J. Phys. Chem. A, 108(41), 8954 - 8960 (2004).
298.Jochen Matthes, Tal Pery, Stephan Gruendemann, Gerd Buntkowsky, Sylviane Sabo-Etienne, Bruno Chaudret und Hans-Heinrich Limbach,
Bridging the Gap between Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysis: Ortho/Para H2 Conversion, Hydrogen Isotope Scrambling, and Hydrogenation of Olefins by Ir(CO)Cl(PPh3)2.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 126(27), 8366-8367 (2004).
297.Uwe Posset, Karine Gigant, Gerhard Schottner, Lucian Baia und Juergen Popp,
Structure-property correlations in hybrid sol-gel coatings as revealed by Raman spectroscopy.
Optical Materials, 26(2), 173-179 (2004).
296.Gerhard J. Mohr,
A tricyanovinyl azobenzene dye used for the optical detection of amines via a chemical reaction in polymer layers.
Dyes and Pigments, 62(1), 77-81 (2004).
295.Guo-Jun Zhang, Robert Moeller, Robert Kretschmer, Andrea Csaki und Wolfgang Fritzsche,
Microstructured Arrays with Pre-synthesized Capture Probes for DNA Detection Based on Metal Nanoparticles and Silver Enhancement.
Journal of Fluorescence, 14(4), 369-375 (2004).
294.Jan Renger, Stefan Grafstroem, Lukas M. Eng und Volker Deckert,
Evanescent wave scattering and local electric field enhancement at ellipsoidal silver particles in the vicinity of a glass surface.
Journal of the Optical Society of America A, 21(7), 1362-1367 (2004).
293.Adriana V. Szeghalmi, Marco Erdmann, Volker Engel, Michael Schmitt, Stephan Amthor, Volker Kriegisch, Gilbert Noell, Rainer Stahl, Christoph Lambert, Dirk Leusser, Dietmar Stalke, Manfred Zabel und Juergen Popp,
How Delocalized Is N,N,N',N'-Tetraphenylphenylenediamine Radical Cation? An Experimental and Theoretical Study on the Electronic and Molecular Structure.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 126(25), 7834-7845 (2004).
292.Hartwig Schulz, Malgorzata Baranska, Hans-Hermann Belz, Petra Roesch, Marion A. Strehle und Jurgen Popp,
Chemotaxonomic characterization of essential oil plants by vibrational spectroscopy measurements.
Vibrational Spectroscopy, 35(1-2), 81-86 (2004).
291.Thomas G. Mayerhofer,
Modeling IR-spectra of single-phase polycrystalline materials with random orientation - a unified approach.
Vibrational Spectroscopy, 35(1-2), 67-76 (2004).
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Micro-Raman spectroscopy: A valuable tool for the investigation of extraterrestrial material.
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 35(6), 515-518 (2004).
289.V. Klein, J. Popp, N. Tarcea, M. Schmitt, W. Kiefer, S. Hofer, T. Stuffler, M. Hilchenbach, D. Doyle und M. Dieckmann,
Remote Raman spectroscopy as a prospective tool for planetary surfaces.
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 35(6), 433-440 (2004).
288.J. Popp und M. Schmitt,
Raman spectroscopy breaking terrestrial barriers.
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 35(6), 429-432 (2004).
287.Xuequn Zhang, Volker Deckert, Beat Steiger, Martina K. N. Hirayama, Ulrich W. Suter und Ernoe Pretsch,
Covalent binding of biorecognition groups to solids using poly(hydromethylsiloxane) as linkage.
Talanta, 63(1), 159-165 (2004).
286.P. Roesch, H. Schneider, U. Zimmermann, W. Kiefer und J. Popp,
In situ Raman investigation of single lipid droplets in the water-conducting xylem of four woody plant species.
Biopolymers, 74(1-2), 151-156 (2004).
285.Nadia Elghobashi, Leticia Gonzalez und Jorn Manz,
Quantum model simulations of symmetry breaking and control of bond selective dissociation of FHF- using IR + UV laser pulses.
Journal of Chemical Physics, 120(17), 8002-8014 (2004).
284.Gerhard J. Mohr,
Tailoring the sensitivity and spectral properties of a chromoreactand for the detection of amines and alcohols.
Analytica Chimica Acta, 508(2), 233-237 (2004).
283.Holm Petzold, Silvio Brautigam, Helmar Gorls, Wolfgang Weigand, Ute Uhlemann, Ralph Gessner, Wolfgang Kiefer, Jurgen Popp, Agnieszka Majchrzak und Grzegorz Mloston,
Oxidations of sulfur rich heterocycles - new S-oxides of the parent 1,2,4-trithiolane and its tetramethyl derivative: synthesis and structural investigations.
Inorganica Chimica Acta, 357(6), 1897-1908 (2004).
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Chiral Molecular Motors Ignited by Femtosecond Pump-Dump Laser Pulses.
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Comparison of ion-beam-assisted molecular beam epitaxy with conventional molecular beam epitaxy of thin hexagonal gallium nitride films.
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Optical enantioselection in a random ensemble of unidirectionally oriented chiral olefins.
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Double-pass Fourier transform imaging spectroscopy.
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Chromo- and fluororeactands: indicators for detection of neutral analytes by using reversible covalent-bond chemistry.
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Quantum dot ligands provide new insights into erbB/HER receptor-mediated signal transduction.
Nature Biotechnology, 22(2), 198-203 (2004).
270.A. T. Petkova, G. Buntkowsky, F. Dyda, R. D. Leapman, W.-M. Yau und R. Tycko,
Solid State NMR Reveals a pH-dependent Antiparallel β-Sheet Registry in Fibrils Formed by a β-Amyloid Peptide.
Journal of Molecular Biology, 335(1), 247-260 (2004).

Bücher und Buchkapitel

13.Gerhard J. Mohr,
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in: Supramolecular Structure and Function, 8, 99-118 (2004).


7.Rainer Walther Heintzmann, Keith Allan Lidke und Thomas Michael Jovin,
Array and method for the spectrally resolving detection of a sample.
Patent, WO2004068091 (2004).

Sonstige Publikationen

59.A. Kriltz,
KTP-Nanokristalle in glasigen Materialien.
Tagungsband der Gemeinsamen Jahrestagung der DGK und DGKK, Jena (2004).
58.J. Erdsack und A. Kriltz,
Kristallisation in KTP-abgeleiteten Gläsern.
Tagungsband der 23. Arbeitstagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Kristallographie, Arbeitskreis Nichtkristalline und Partiellkristalline Strukturen, Wolfersdorf (2004).
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Coupling G-wires to metal nanoparticles.
AIP Conference Proceedings, 725(DNA-Based Molecular Electronics), 53-57 (2004).
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55.Michael Schmitt, Torsten Siebert, Raman Maksimenka und Benjamin Dietzek,
Four-wave mixing techniques applied to the investigation of non-adiabatic dynamics in polyatomic molecules.
Proceedings of the 227th ACS National Meeting, Anaheim, CA, United States, PHYS-112 (2004).