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Veröffentlichungen des IPC im Jahr 2006


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AG Popp
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AG Gräfe
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Veröffentlichungen des IPC im Jahr 2006

Referierte Publikationen

426.Bernhard Schaefer, Helmar Goerls, Martin Presselt, Michael Schmitt, Juergen Popp, William Henry, Johannes G. Vos und Sven Rau,
Derivatives of dipyrido[3,2-a:2',3'-c]phenazine and its ruthenium complexes, influence of arylic substitution on photophysical properties.
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424.Sabine Trupp, Annika Schweitzer und Gerhard J. Mohr,
A fluorescent water-soluble naphthalimide-based receptor for saccharides with highest sensitivity in the physiological pH range.
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 4(15), 2965-2968 (2006).
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Functional liquid crystal films selectively recognize amine vapours and simultaneously change their colour.
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Breaking the resolution limit in light microscopy.
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Investigation of eucalyptus essential oil by using vibrational spectroscopy methods.
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Symmetry Properties of Vibrational Modes in Mesoporphyrin IX Dimethyl Ester Investigated by Polarization-Sensitive Resonance Raman and CARS Spectroscopy.
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 110(39), 11252-11259 (2006).
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Quality Control of Commercially Available Essential Oils by Means of Raman Spectroscopy.
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On the Location of Conical Intersections in CH2BrCl Using MS-CASPT2 Methods.
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Application of optimal control theory to ultrafast nonresonant multiphoton transitions in polyatomic molecules.
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The excited-state chemistry of protochlorophyllide a: a time-resolved fluorescence study.
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Distinct Dynamic Behaviors of Water Molecules in Hydrated Pores.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 128(31), 10008-10009 (2006).
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Modelling IR spectra of polycrystalline materials in the large crystallites of limit-quantitative determination of orientation.
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On the way to nanometer-sized information of the bacterial surface by tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy.
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Identification of single eukaryotic cells with micro-Raman spectroscopy.
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399.M. Harz, R. A. Claus, C. L. Bockmeyer, M. Baum, P. Roesch, K. Kentouche, H.-P. Deigner und J. Popp,
UV-resonance Raman spectroscopic study of human plasma of healthy donors and patients with thrombotic microangiopathy.
Biopolymers, 82(4), 317-324 (2006).
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Characterization of bacterial growth and the influence of antibiotics by means of UV resonance raman spectroscopy.
Biopolymers, 82(4), 306-311 (2006).
397.Torsten Frosch, Michael Schmitt, Karla Schenzel, Johan H. Faber, Gerhard Bringmann, Wolfgang Kiefer und Juergen Popp,
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Chemistry - A European Journal, 12(19), 5105-5115 (2006).
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A theoretical anharmonic study of the infrared absorption spectra of FHF-, FDF-, OHF-, and ODF- anions.
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The SNARE motif is essential for the formation of syntaxin clusters in the plasma membrane.
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Optical sensor materials for the detection of amines in organic solvents.
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Surface-enhanced Raman scattering efficiency of truncated tetrahedral Ag nanoparticle arrays mediated by electromagnetic couplings.
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386.Hans-Heinrich Limbach, Gerd Buntkowsky, Jochen Matthes, Stefan Gruendemann, Tal Pery, Bernadeta Walaszek und Bruno Chaudret,
Novel insights into the mechanism of the Ortho/Para spin conversion of hydrogen pairs: implications for catalysis and interstellar water.
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Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy employed in antimalarial mechanism of chloroquine drug upon hematin.
Romanian Journal of Biophysics, 16(1), 57-62 (2006).
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Bücher und Buchkapitel

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Sonstige Publikationen

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