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ACP is FSU's first mover in the My Green Lab Certification

ACP laboratories are taking actions for a certificate on sustainable science.
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Published: | By: Luca Hager, FSU Jena. | Source article

Many organizations and institutions all over the world are currently adopting zero carbon ambitions given the urgency of climate change. Along these lines, more and more international research institutions are currently participating in activities and strategic roadmapping to make their work more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

The Abbe Center of Photonics (ACP) is one of the world's most powerful academic photonics centers. This refers both to its research strength and to the multiple pioneering role in the field of photonics training and the holistic promotion of young scientists. Recognizing the responsibility in this role,  ACP started a cooperation with the non-profit organization My Green Lab. This NGO offers various programs to improve the sustainability of scientific research and has worked with over a thousand research labs and institutes all over the world. My Green Lab will be offering counsel and advice to ACP in their process of developing sustainable research practices and re-evaluating existing methods. ​
The program provides scientists and the teams that support laboratories with actionable ways to make meaningful change. To date, My Green Lab has supported over 1000 labs in a range of sectors.
​My Green Lab Certification saves money and preserves resources while ensuring a safe, healthy, and fun environment in support of your science.

The ACP certification process will presumably finish mid/end of 2023 with the issuing of an official My Green Lab Certification. Recognized by the United Nations Race to Zero campaign as a key measure of progress towards a zero-carbon future, the My Green Lab Certification is considered the gold standard for laboratory sustainability best practices around the world. 

The engagement with and the fight against climate change will continue and ACP thrives to contribute to building a research culture of sustainability in the labs and beyond. It is expected that the My Green Lab Certificaton process will certainly concern the research in the labs but also the everyday habits and routines at work. Saving resources and reducing waste in the laboratories, building a lasting culture of sustainability in the work environment and exploring new methods, processes and technologies are among the goals of this ACP sustainability project.

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