Dr. Stephan Kupfer

Dr. Stephan Kupfer

Dr. Stephan Kupfer
Image: Dr. Stephan Kupfer

Stephan Kupfer received his PhD in 2013 from the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, Germany, where he is currently a group leader in the Physical Chemistry Department. His research is focused on the theoretical modeling of photo-induced processes, i.e., in the fields of solar energy conversion and plasmonic hybrid systems. For light-harvesting applications, either in the scope of (dye-sensitized) solar cells or light-driven water-splitting, detailed understanding of the fundamental photophysics and photochemistry is of uttermost importance. Therefore, he aims to elucidate as well as to tune excited state relaxation dynamics in (supra)molecular photocatalysts and light-harvesting antenna associated to electron and energy transfer processes, i.e., charge separation, charge recombination and photodegradation.

Photoinduzierter Elektronentransfer Image: Dr. Stephan Kupfer

Furthermore, his research involves the theoretical description of plasmon-enhanced spectroscopy, i.e., in the scope of tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy. Therefore, he aims for an holistic approach combining the electromagnet effect as well as the chemical effect including non-resonant, resonant and charge transfer contributions.

Tip Image: Dr. Stephan Kupfer


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Stephan Kupfer, Dr
Dr. Stephan Kupfer
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