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Dipl.-Phys. Julia Meyer-Ilse

Work group

Research Group Molecular Photonics

Julia Meyer-Ilse Address: Albert-Einstein-Straße 9
D-07745 Jena
Room: S48, Institute of Photonic Technology
Phone: ++49-3641/206-131
Fax: ++49-3641/206-399

Field of action

Femtosecond time-resolved chirality measurements

Publications of Julia Meyer-Ilse

Peer-reviewed Publications

2.Julia Meyer-Ilse, Denis Akimov and Benjamin Dietzek,
Ultrafast Circular Dichroism Study of the Ring Opening of 7-Dehydrocholesterol.
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 3(2), 182-185 (2012).
1.Julia Meyer-Ilse, Denis Akimov and Benjamin Dietzek,
Femtosecond Coherence Spectroscopic Study of the Onset of Chemical Denaturation of Myoglobin upon Addition of Minor Amounts of Urea.
Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie, 225(6-7), 741-752 (2011).