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Dr. Jesús González Vázquez


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Referierte Publikationen

14.Daniel Kinzel, Jesús González-Vázquez und Leticia González,
H-abstraction is more efficient than cis-trans isomerization in (4-methylcyclohexylidene) fluoromethane. An ab initio molecular dynamics study.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 14(18), 6241-6249 (2012).
13.Juan José Bajo, Jesús González-Vázquez, Ignacio R. Sola, Jesus Santamaria, Martin Richter, Philipp Marquetand und Leticia González,
Mixed Quantum-Classical Dynamics in the Adiabatic Representation To Simulate Molecules Driven by Strong Laser Pulses.
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 116(11), 2800-2807 (2012).
12.Daniel Kinzel, Jesús González-Vázquez und Leticia González,
The role of πσ* states in the photochemistry of the chiral fluoroethylene derivative (4-methylcyclohexylidene)fluoromethane.
International Journal of Quantum Chemistry, 111(13), 3394-3404 (2011).
11.Philipp Marquetand, Martin Richter, Jesús González-Vázquez, Ignacio Sola und Leticia González,
Nonadiabatic ab initio molecular dynamics including spin-orbit coupling and laser fields.
Faraday Discussions, 153, 261-273 (2011).
10.Verónica Leyva, Inés Corral, Ferran Feixas, Annapaola Migani, Lluís Blancafort, Jesús González-Vázquez und Leticia González,
A non-adiabatic quantum-classical dynamics study of the intramolecular excited state hydrogen transfer in ortho-nitrobenzaldehyde.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 13(32), 14685-14693 (2011).
9.Martin Richter, Philipp Marquetand, Jesús González-Vázquez, Ignacio Sola und Leticia González,
SHARC: ab Initio Molecular Dynamics with Surface Hopping in the Adiabatic Representation Including Arbitrary Couplings.
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 7(5), 1253-1258 (Erratum: 8(1) 374) (2011).
8.Jesús González-Vázquez und Leticia González,
A Time-Dependent Picture of the Ultrafast Deactivation of keto-Cytosine Including Three-State Conical Intersections.
ChemPhysChem, 11(17), 3554 (2010).
7.Jesús González-Vázquez, Leticia González, Sarah R. Nichols, Thomas C. Weinacht und Tamás Rozgonyi,
Exploring wavepacket dynamics behind strong-field momentum-dependent photodissociation in CH2BrI+.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 12(42), 14203-14216 (2010).
6.Dominik Geißler, Tamás Rozgonyi, Jesús González-Vázquez, Leticia González, Sarah Nichols und Thomas Weinacht,
Creation of multihole molecular wave packets via strong-field ionization.
Physical Review A, 82(1), 011402(R) (2010).
5.M. Łabuda, J. González-Vázquez und L. González,
A wavepacket study of the low-energy charge transfer process in the S3++H reaction using time-resolved electronic densities.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 12(20), 5439-5445 (2010).

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