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Prof. Dr. Ulrich-Walter Grummt  
Prof. Dr. Ulrich-Walter Grummt Address: -
Room: Home office
Email: ulrich-walter.grummt@uni-jena.de

Publications of Ulrich-Walter Grummt

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Peer-reviewed Publications

20.L. Grubert, H. Hennig, U.-W. Grummt and W. Abraham,
Photoswitchable ionophores based on 1,3-alternate calix[4]arenes bearing acridane units at the wide rim and bridged at the narrow rim by glycol chains.
Tetrahedron, 65(40), 8402-8406 (2009).
19.D. A. M. Egbe, B. Carbonnier, E. Birckner and U.-W. Grummt,
Arylene-Ethynylene/Arylene-Vinylene Copolymers: Structure-Properties Relationships.
Progress in Polymer Science, 34(10), 1023-1067 (2009).
18.Andreas Wild, Daniel A. M. Egbe, Eckhard Birckner, Vera Cimrová, Reinhard Baumann, Ulrich-Walter Grummt and Ulrich S. Schubert,
Anthracene- and Thiophene-containing MEH-PPE-PPVs: Synthesis and Study of the Effect of the Aromatic Ring Position on the Photophysical and Electrochemical Properties.
Journal of Polymer Science A, 47(9), 2243-2261 (2009).
17.Daniel A. M. Egbe, Andreas Wild, Eckhard Birckner, Ulrich-Walter Grummt and Ulrich S. Schubert,
Anthracene- and Thiophene-containing Poly(p-arylene-ethynylene)/(poly-arylene-vinylene)s: Towards Optimized Structures for Photovoltaic Applications.
Macromolecular Symposia, 268(1), 25-27 (2008).
16.W. Abraham, K. Buck, M. Orda-Zgadzaj, S. Schmidt-Schäfer and U.-W. Grummt,
Novel photoswitchable rotaxanes.
Chemical Communications, 2007(29), 3094-3096 (2007).
15.Gerhard J. Mohr, Beate Bussemer and Ulrich-W Grummt,
Predicting spectral characteristics and reactivity of receptor molecules that perform reversible chemical reactions with analyte molecules.
Sensors and Actuators B, 127(2), 414-419 (2007).
14.G. Buehrdel, R. Beckert, E. Birckner, U.-W. Grummt, B. Beyer, S. Kluge, J. Weston and H. Goerls,
A Simple One-Pot Synthesis of Solvatofluorescent Push-Pull-Thiophenes.
European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2007(32), 5404-5409 (2007).
13.U.-W. Grummt, E. Birckner and R. Gade,
Rotational relaxation of linear π-systems with flexible side chains in solution.
Journal of Fluorescence, 17(2), 163-170 (2007).
12.U.-W. Grummt, D. Weiß, E. Birckner and R. Beckert,
Pyridylthiazoles - Highly luminescent heterocyclic compounds.
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 111(6), 1104-1110 (2007).
11.Beate Bussemer, Dirk Munsel, Heike Wuenscher, Gerhard J. Mohr and Ulrich-Walter Grummt,
Electronic Properties of Neutral Dyes in the Channels of Zeolite L: A Combined Spectroscopic and Quantum Chemical Study.
Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 111(1), 8-15 (2007).

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