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Dipl.-Chem. Christian Kuhnt

Work group

Chair of Physical Chemistry II

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Publications of Christian Kuhnt

Peer-reviewed Publications

8.Michael Karnahl, Christian Kuhnt, Frank W. Heinemann, Michael Schmitt, Sven Rau, Jürgen Popp and Benjamin Dietzek,
Synthesis and photophysics of a novel photocatalyst for hydrogen production based on a tetrapyridoacridine bridging ligand.
Chemical Physics, 393(1), 65-73 (2012).
7.Christian Kuhnt, Michael Karnahl, Sven Rau, Michael Schmitt, Benjamin Dietzek and Jürgen Popp,
The impact of bromine substitution on the photophysical properties of a homodinuclear Ru-tpphz-Ru complex.
Chemical Physics Letters, 516(1-3), 45-50 (2011).
6.Michael Karnahl, Christian Kuhnt, Fei Ma, Arkady Yartsev, Michael Schmitt, Benjamin Dietzek, Sven Rau and Jürgen Popp,
Tuning of Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production and Photoinduced Intramolecular Electron Transfer Rates by Regioselective Bridging Ligand Substitution.
ChemPhysChem, 12(11), 2101-2109 (2011).
5.Christian Kuhnt, Michael Karnahl, Michael Schmitt, Sven Rau, Benjamin Dietzek and Jürgen Popp,
Excited-state annihilation in a homodinuclear ruthenium complex.
Chemical Communications, 47(13), 3820-3821 (2011).
4.Christian Kuhnt, Stefanie Tschierlei, Michael Karnahl, Sven Rau, Benjamin Dietzek, Michael Schmitt and Jürgen Popp,
Investigation of substitution effects on novel Ru-dppz complexes by Raman spectroscopy in combination with DFT methods.
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 41(9), 922-932 (2010).
3.M. Karnahl, S. Tschierlei, C. Kuhnt, B. Dietzek, M. Schmitt, J. Popp, M. Schwalbe, S. Krieck, H. Görls, F. W. Heinemann and S. Rau,
Synthesis and Characterization of Regioselective Substituted Tetrapyridophenazine Ligands and their Ru(II) Complexes.
Dalton Transactions, 39(9), 2359-2370 (2010).
2.C. Kuhnt, M. Karnahl, S. Tschierlei, K. Griebenow, M. Schmitt, B. Schäfer, S. Krieck, H. Görls, S. Rau, B. Dietzek and J. Popp,
Substitution-controlled ultrafast excited-state processes in Ru-dppz-derivatives.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 12(6), 1357-1368 (2010).
1.Stefanie Tschierlei, Martin Presselt, Christian Kuhnt, Arkady Yartsev, Torbjörn Pascher, Villy Sundström, Michael Karnahl, Matthias Schwalbe, Bernhard Schäfer, Sven Rau, Michael Schmitt, Benjamin Dietzek and Jürgen Popp,
Photophysics of the intramolecular hydrogen evolving photocatalyst Ru-tpphz-Pd.
Chemistry - A European Journal, 15(31), 7678-7688 (2009).