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Guillermo Pérez Hernández


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Veröffentlichungen von Guillermo Pérez Hernández

Referierte Publikationen

8.Stephan Kupfer, Guillermo Pérez-Hernández und Leticia González,
Singlet oxygen generation versus O--O homolysis in phenyl-substituted anthracene endoperoxides investigated by RASPT2, CASPT2, CC2 and TD-DFT methods.
Theoretical Chemistry Accounts, 131, 1295-1308 (2012).
7.Mariana Assmann, Cristina Sanz Sanz, Guillermo Pérez-Hernández, Graham A. Worth und Leticia González,
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Chemical Physics, 377(1-3), 86-95 (2010).
6.Guillermo Pérez-Hernández und Leticia González,
Mechanistic insight into light-driven molecular rotors: a conformational search in chiral overcrowded alkenes by a pseudo-random approach.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 12(38), 12279-12289 (2010).
5.Mariana Assmann, Guillermo Pérez-Hernández und Leticia González,
On the Light-Driven Isomerization of a Model Asymmetric Molecular Rotor: Conformations and Conical Intersections of 2-Cyclopentylidene-tetrahydrofuran.
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 114(34), 9342-9348 (2010).
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3.I. Barth, J. Manz, G. Pérez-Hernández und P. Sebald,
Towards Toroidal Hydrogen Bonds.
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2.Ricardo A. Matute, Renato Contreras, Guillermo Perez-Hernandez und Leticia Gonzalez,
The chromophore structure of the cyanobacterial phytochrome Cph1 as predicted by time-dependent density functional theory.
Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 112(51), 16253-16256 (2008).
1.Guillermo Perez-Hernandez, Leticia Gonzalez und Luis Serrano-Andres,
Rydberg or valence? The long-standing question in the UV absorption spectrum of 1,1'-bicyclohexylidene.
ChemPhysChem, 9(17), 2544-2549 (2008).

Sonstige Publikationen

1.Leticia Gonzalez, Tamas Rozgonyi, David Ambrosek und Guillermo Perez-Hernandez,
Laser control of wavepacket photodissociation and photoisomerization dynamics in isolated molecules.
AIP Conference Proceedings, 963(COMPUTATIONAL METHODS IN SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING: Theory and Computation: Old Problems and New Challenges), 576-585 (2007).