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Dr. Marion Strehle


Lehrstuhl für Physikalische Chemie II

Dr. Marion Strehle Adresse: -
Raum: Büro zu Hause
Telefon: 03641/221438
Fax: 03641/9-48302
Email: marion.strehle@uni-jena.de

Veröffentlichungen von Marion Strehle

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Referierte Publikationen

10.Sebastian Reitzenstein, Petra Roesch, Marion A. Strehle, Dorothea Berg, Malgorzata Baranska, Hartwig Schulz, Eicke Rudloff und Juergen Popp,
Nondestructive analysis of single rapeseeds by means of Raman spectroscopy.
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 38(3), 301-308 (2007).
9.M. Baranska, H. Schulz, S. Reitzenstein, U. Uhlemann, M. A. Strehle, H. Krueger, R. Quilitzsch, W. Foley und J. Popp,
Vibrational spectroscopic studies to acquire a quality control method of Eucalyptus essential oils.
Biopolymers, 78(5), 237-248 (2005).
8.M. A. Strehle, P. Roesch, M. Baranska, H. Schulz und J. Popp,
On the way to a quality control of the essential oil of fennel by means of Raman spectroscopy.
Biopolymers, 77(1), 44-52 (2005).
7.M. Baranska, H. Schulz, R. Siuda, M. A. Strehle, P. Roesch, J. Popp, E. Joubert und M. Manley,
Quality control of Harpagophytum procumbens and its related phytopharmaceutical products by NIR-FT-raman spectroscopy.
Biopolymers, 77(1), 1-8 (2005).
6.M. A. Strehle, P. Roesch, R. Petry, A. Hauck, R. Thull, W. Kiefer und J. Popp,
A Raman spectroscopic study of the adsorption of fibronectin and fibrinogen on titanium dioxide nanoparticles.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 6(22), 5232-5236 (2004).
5.R. Gessner, P. Roesch, R. Petry, M. Schmitt, M. A. Strehle, W. Kiefer und J. Popp,
The application of a SERS fiber probe for the investigation of sensitive biological samples.
Analyst, 129(12), 1193-1199 (2004).
4.Malgorzata Baranska, Hartwig Schulz, Petra Roesch, Marion A. Strehle und Juergen Popp,
Identification of secondary metabolites in medicinal and spice plants by NIR-FT-Raman microspectroscopic mapping.
Analyst, 129(10), 926-930 (2004).
3.Hartwig Schulz, Malgorzata Baranska, Hans-Hermann Belz, Petra Roesch, Marion A. Strehle und Jurgen Popp,
Chemotaxonomic characterization of essential oil plants by vibrational spectroscopy measurements.
Vibrational Spectroscopy, 35(1-2), 81-86 (2004).

Bücher und Buchkapitel

1.Malgorzata Baranska, Hartwig Schulz, Marion Strehle und Juergen Popp,
Applications of vibrational spectroscopy to oilseeds analysis.
in: Applications of Vibrational Spectroscopy in Food Science, Eunice Li-Chan, John Chalmers, Peter Griffiths (Eds.), Wiley, ISBN: 978-0-470-74299-0, 397-420 (2010).

Sonstige Publikationen

1.M. A. Strehle, M. Gerunda, V. Deckert, A. Hauck, R. Thull und J. Popp,
Fibrinogen adsorption on implant materials - investigation of the spatial distribution.
Asian Chemistry Letters, 7(4), 221-228 (2003).

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