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PD Dr. Thomas Bocklitz

Work group

Chair of Physical Chemistry II


Curriculum vitae of Thomas Bocklitz

Dr. Thomas Bocklitz Address: Helmholtzweg 4
D-07743 Jena
Room: E006A, Bureau building
Phone: ++49-3641/9-48328
Fax: ++49-3641/9-48302

chemometrics, statistics, signal analysis, image analysis

Working field

The junior group "Statistical Modelling and Image Analysis" is engaged in the adequate evaluation of spectroscopic data and image data. Furthermore, methods are being developed, for the quantitative correlation of different measurement methods. Additionally, simulations of specimen based on the measuring method strengthen the analysis.

Spectral Data Analysis

The junior group is developing optimal procedures and methods to correct and analyze different types of spectral data (Raman spectra, NIR spectra, MALDI-spectra, …). We perform studies, which analysis and correction procedures are optimal suited and should be combined for a fully automatic data pipeline. We investigate the whole data pipeline, which is visualized below.


Image Analysis

Another field of junior group’s work is devoted to the analysis of multimodal images, which are composed of CARS, TPEF and SHG images, and other types of images. Always, the translation of the physical measurements into bio-medical information is the aim. We investigate the whole data pipeline, which is visualized below.

Correlation of Methods

We try to combine the data from different measurement modalities and use them together. Therefore, we investigate data fusion strategies. Combinations of techniques, on which we are working, are given in the image below.


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Publications of Thomas Bocklitz

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Peer-reviewed Publications

66.Bernd Kampe, Sandra Kloß, Thomas Bocklitz, Petra Rösch and Jürgen Popp,
Recursive feature elimination in Raman spectra with support vector machines.
Front. Optoelectr, 10(3), 273-279 (2017).
65.Shuxia Guo, Ralf Heinke, Stephan Stöckel, Petra Rösch, Thomas Bocklitz and Jürgen Popp,
Towards an improvement of model transferability for Raman spectroscopy in biological applications .
Vib. Spect., 91, 111-118 (2017).
64.Vinay Kumar B.N., Shuxia Guo, Thomas Bocklitz, Petra Rösch and Jürgen Popp,
Demonstration of carbon catabolite repression in naphthalene degrading soil bacteria via Raman spectroscopy based stable isotope probing.
Anal. Chem., 88(15), 7574-7582 (2016).
63.Anna Mühlig, Thomas Wilhelm Bocklitz, Ines Labugger, Stefan Dees, Sandra Henk, Elvira Richter, Sönke Andres, Matthias Merker, Stephan Stöckel, Karina Weber, Dana Cialla-May and Jürgen Popp,
LOC-SERS: A promising closed system for the identification of mycobacteria.
Anal. Chem. (2016).
62.Robby Fritzsch, Robert Geitner, Thomas W. Bocklitz, Benjamin Dietzek, Micheal Schmitt and Jürgen Popp,
Dehydration of 3-octanol studied by 2D Raman, IR and NMR hetero correlation spectroscopy.
Asian Journal of Physics, 25, 2 (2016).
61.Oleg Ryabchykov, Thomas Bocklitz, Anuradha Ramoji, Ute Neugebauer, Martin Foerster, Claus Kroegel, Michael Bauer, Michael Kiehntopf and Jürgen Popp,
Automatization of spike correction in Raman spectra of biological samples.
Chemometrics Intell. Lab. Sys., 155, 1-6 (2016).
60.Robert Koprowski and Thomas Bocklitz,
Image Processing in Biomedical Diagnosis.
Journal of biophotonics, 9(5), 434-435 (2016).
59.Anja Silge, Thomas Bocklitz, Rainer Ossig, Jürgen Schnekenburger, Petra Rösch and Jürgen Popp,
The interaction of an amino-modified ZrO2 Nanomaterial with macrophages - An in situ investigation by Raman microspectroscopy.
Anal. Bioanal. Chem., 408, 5935-5943 (2016).
58.Robert Geitner, Julia Kötteritzsch, Michael Siegmann, Robby Fritzsch, Thomas Bocklitz, Martin Hager, Ulrich. S. Schubert, Stefanie Gräfe, Benjamin Dietzek, Michael Schmitt and Jürgen Popp,
Molecular self-healing mechanisms between C60-fullerene and anthracene unveiled by Raman and two-dimensional correlation spectroscopy.
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 18(27), 17973-17982 (2016).

Other Publications

5.Robert Geitner, Robby Fritzsch and Thomas Bocklitz,
corr2D: Implementation of 2D Correlation Analysis.

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